Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), is a public University, established by the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in 2008. Mandated to focus on research and teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities and guided by Dr Ambedkar's vision of bridging equality and social justice with excellence, AUD considers it to be its mission to create sustainable and effective linkages between access to and success in higher education. The University aspires to pioneer an institutional culture of non-hierarchical functioning, team work and creativity. The University strongly believes that no knowledge becomes socially productive unless it spreads across society, transcending barriers of caste, gender and class. Only then can teaching and learning become liberating. AUD is one among just a few universities in India to cater exclusively to research and higher learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences. In today’s polarised world, the study of these streams, we strongly believe, will not only play a pivotal role in improving understanding amongst cultures but also transform human experiences into lessons for the future. The University aspires to mould its students into informed and competent as well as sensitive and compassionate professionals and citizens who will engage with their social responsibilities and will react to the needs of the marginalised sections of our society. 

School of Undergraduate Studies aims to offer its students a unique liberal arts education that acquaints them with diverse approaches to knowledge. The undergraduate programmes at AUD encourage students to think critically and creatively, to analyse and reason, to communicate effectively, and to draw evidence-based conclusions. It aims to achieve a balance between the range and depth of the subjects studied. The unique aspect of undergraduate programmes at AUD is that there are common modules for foundational skills comprising language, writing skills, communication skills, analytical reasoning and a core module in social sciences. This is done through a blend of common foundational courses, languages, core discipline courses and a wide range of elective courses. Students experience the flexibility of choosing courses from more than disciplinary area, thus exploring not merely their chosen disciplines but also relationships between disciplinary paradigms.  

The aim of undergraduate education at AUD is not merely to provide specialised disciplinary knowledge, but to help our students in evolving as thoughtful citizens capable of understanding, analysing and communicating. The structure of the School allows you to experiment with a range of courses that enrich your critical capacities.  Leaving behind the care as well as the restrictions of your school years, you enter a stage where you have greater freedom which needs to be exercised with greater responsibility. I hope that you will gradually learn to make informed choices through your academic and extra-curricular experiences in SUS.