Centre for Psychotherapy and Clinical Research (CPCR)

Centre for Psychotherapy and Clinical Research (CPCR)

    Centre for Psychotherapy and Clinical Research (CPCR)

    This Centre prioritises equity and excellence by providing qualitative Mental Health services to those in urgent need of help. It offers quality services in the area of mental health to all in need and to especially those who are unable to access and receive help in private clinics and hospitals due to lack of economic and or social resources. It aims at promoting psychoanalytic research and awareness, and understanding of the human mind and psyche in a culturally rooted and sensitive manner. In the Indian context, a person is intricately linked to one’s familial matrix and hence research in the Centre will endeavor to offer relevant reflections on the struggles of the individual-family matrix as represented also in the unconscious, intrapsychic conflicts of those arriving at the Centre for help. The Centre is training socially sensitive psychodynamic psychotherapists and researchers in the Mphil in Psychotherapy & Clinical Thinking program. CPCR is a part of the School of Human Studies and offers psychotherapy and counselling at Ehsaas, the Psychotherapy & Counselling Clinic.

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    Upcoming Projects:

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    • A Note on CPCR
    • CPCR: The Namesake, by Dr. Diamond Allidina
    • CPCR: Delhi Chapter (Indian Psychoanalytic Society) and Psychoanalysis India is organising a talk By Prof. Salman Akhtar
    • Events organised by CPCR
      • Women's Mental Health: This project seeks to initiate a community outreach based women’s mental health project in a low income area neighbouring Ambedkar University Delhi’s Kashmere Gate campus. The aim is to extend our existing consulting room based mental health provision into the community with a focus on women’s mental health and a move toward group based interventions that dovetails with existing Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) provision in Chandni Chowk and Jama Masjid.

      • Group Therapy work with the Safai Karmacharis of the University: A support group is organised bi monthly to address the mental health concerns of the Safai Karamcharis in the university.

      • Pilot project to train school teachers to develop skills to engage with children’s emotional well being: It aims at thinking about the discipline, behavior, motivation and well being of the students in schools in the neighbourhood. 
      • Pilot work to study conditions of chronic patients in two mental asylums in India: It aims to study the life conditions of mentally ill individuals in mental asylums who are abandoned by their families, with the goal of envisioning possibilities of long term care for these patients
      • Project on understanding the phenomena of suicide amongst the youth in Sikkim:  The study will look at the sociological, psychological and familial aspects and disintegration in the society that could lead to the increase in suicides. Results from this study will be used to train mental health professionals in Sikkim to deal with the crisis of suicide.