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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
EC03 Microeconomics I 4
CIPT Contemporary Indian Political Thought 2
LLAI Legal Literacy and Application in India Orientation 4
IHTL Indian History Through Literature 4
ICD Indian Constitution and Democracy 4
SUS1HN331 Hindi Sahitya ke Itihas ki Rooprekha 4
SUS1FC038 Hindi Aadhar Pathyakram 4
SUS1FC008 Aarambhik Hindi Bhasha 4
SUS1FC007 Madhyamik Hindi Bhasha 4
SUS1FC006 Vyavaharik Hindi Bhasha 4
SUS1HN333 Aadhunik Sahityik Pravatiya our Aaandolan 4
SC806 Sociological Theory 4
SUS1SC805 Conceptualising Rural and Urban Societies 4
SC13 Gender and Society 4
SC801 Introduction to Sociology 4
SUS1EC110 Issues in the Indian Economy 4
SUS1EC101 Principles of Economics 4
SUS1EC103 Macroeconomics I 4
SUS1EC108 International Economics 4
SUS1HS409 Delhi in History 4
X Decolonization in History 4
SUSHS404 Medieval India I: Polity and Administration 4
SUS1HS402 Medieval and Early Modern World (c. 500 – 1700 CE) 4
SUS1HS408 Modern India, 1857-1947 4
X Political Speeches and Writings by Literary Writers 4
SUSEN263 Folk, Oral, Indigenous, Popular Cultures 4
SC04 Marriage, Kinship and Family Forms 4
SUS1SC845 Sociology of Work 4
SUS1FC035 Indian Society Continuities, Contradictions and Paradoxes 4
SUS1MA503 Algebra I 4
SUS1MA501 Introduction to Mathematical thinking 4
SUS1MA509 Algebra III 4
SUS1MA504 Numerical Analysis 4
SUS1MA505 Analysis II 4
SUS1MA510 Ordinary Differential Equation 4
SUS1MA512/SUS1MA532 Discrete Mathematics 4
SUS1FC034 Identity through Popular Narratives 4
SUS1PS701 Understanding Personality 4
SUS1PS703 History of Psychology 4
SUS1PS731 Psychology In Action 4
SUS1PS704 Social Psychology 4
SUS1PS705 Statistics 4
SUS1PS711 Case study 4
SUS1PS732 Counselling Psychology 4
SUS1PS710 Understanding Abnormality 4
SUS1PS709 Neuropsychology Through Clinical Cases: Possibilities and Limits 4
SUS1EN231 Introduction to Indian and World Literatures 4
SUS1EN244 Contemporary Indian Drama 4
SUS1EC132 Topics in Economic Theory 4
SUS1EC103 Macroeconomics I 4
SUS1EC104 Statistical Methods for Economics 4
SUS1EC106 Macroeconomics II 4
SUS1EC108 International Economics 4
SUS1EC110 (was EC14) Issues in the Indian Economy 4
SUS1EC111 Introduction to Econometrics 4
SUSEC112 Development Economics: Historical Perspective 4
SUSEC113 Development Economics: Theory and Policy 4
SUS1EC131 Introduction to the Indian Economy 4
SUS1EC134 Money and Finance 4
SUS1MA515 Number Theory and Cryptography 4
SUS1MA517/537 Actuarial Mathematics 4
SUS1EN234 Greek Drama 4
SUS1MA539 Advanced Algebra 4
SUS1MA540 Advanced Analysis 4
SUS1MA506 Algebra II 4
SUS1MA509 Algebra III 4
SUS1MA503 Algebra I 4
SUS1EN233 Literatures of the Renaissance 4
SUS1MA508 Analysis-III 4
SUS1MA502 Analysis-I 4
SUS1MA505 Analysis II 4
SUS1MA518/SUS1MA538 Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series 4
SUS1MA513 Lattices and Boolean Algebra 4
SUS1MA511 Linear Optimisation Techniques 4
SUS1MA536 Mathematical Finance 4
SUS1MA541 Mathematical Modelling 4
SUS1EN235 Literatures of the Indian Subcontinent 4
SUS1MA514/ SUS1MA534 Mathematics for Computer Sciences 4
SUS1EN236 Shakespeare 4
SUS1MA542 Partial Differential Equations 4
SUS1EN237 The Romantic Age 4
SUS1MA507 Probability and Statistics 4
SUS1EN238 The Epic 4
SUS1MA531 Quantitative Methods 4
SUS1EN239 Postcolonial Literatures 4
SUS1FC001 English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 4
SUS1EN240 Political Speeches and Writings by Literary Writers 4
SUS1FC005 Language Through Literature (LTL) 4
SUS1EN243 Study of English Language 4
SUS1EN244 Contemporary Indian Drama 4
SUS1EN245 Tragedy Down the Ages 4
SUS1FC009 Environmental Issues and Challenges (EIC) 4
SUS1EN247 American Literature 4
SUS1FC031 English Proficiency Course (EPC) 4
SUS1FC032 Indian Constitution and Democracy 4
SUSFC033 Youth, Society and Literature 4
SUS1FC036 Introduction to Culture and Creative Expressions 4
SUS1EN248 Comedy- Not Just for Laughs 4
SUS1EN252 Voices of Dissent: Bhakti Poetry 4
SUSIFC040 Introduction to Drawing 4
SUS1FC041 Introduction to Gender 4
SUS1FC042 Introduction to Social Sciences and Humanities 4
SUS1FC044 Logic and Reasoning 4
SUS1EN254 Realism and the Novel 4
SUS1EN255 Understanding Cinema An introduction 4
SUS1EL901 Digital Storytelling from the Field 4
SUS1EL904 Critical Perspectives on Creative Explorations (CPCE) 4
SUS1EL905 Understanding Disability Through Media 4
SUS1EL908 Indian History Through Literature 4
NA Introduction to Global Studies 4
SUS1EL912 Film, History, Society 4
SUS1EL913 Schools, Schooling and Education 4
SUSEL1914 An Introduction to Dalit Literature through Poetry [Bi-Lingual Course] 4
SUS1EL915/SUS1EN277 Contemporary Literatures from Northeast India: Poetry and Fiction 4
SUS1EL916 Reading Fantasy: J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis 4
SUS1EL909 Literatures of the East: India and Arabia 4
SUS1EL906 What is World Literature? 4
SUS1EN256 Introduction to Literary Theory 4
SUS1HN332 Bhartiye evam vishv sahitye( भारतीय एवं विश्व साहित्य ) 4
SUS1HN337 Sanskriti Aur Hindustani Kavita (साझी संस्कृति और हिन्दुस्तानी ) 4
SUS1PO731 Introduction to Politics 4
SUS1PO732 Political Thought in Contemporary India 4
SUSPO733 Politics in South Asia 4
SUS1PO734 Legal Literacy and Application in India 4
SUS1PO735 Democracy and Development in India 4
SUS1EN257 Written for Children and Young Adults 4
SUS1SC808 Research Methods 4
SUS1SC814 Economy and Society 4
SUS1S803 Social Change and Development 4
SC812 Politics, Law and Society 4
SUS1EN258 Modern Short Fiction and Novellas 4
SUS1SC815 Culture, Identity and Society 4
SUS1EN260 The Victorian Age Through Poetry and Painting 4
SC0831 : Food and Society 4
SC0832 Health and Society 4
SUS1SC810 Gender and Society 4
SUS1PS708 Experiments in Psychology 4
SUS1EN261 Approaches and Theories of Language 4
SUS1PS713 Psychological testing 4
SUS1PS702 Human Cognition 4
PS706 Methods in Psychology 4
SUS1EN262 Mahabharata and its Modern Renderings in Fiction, Drama and Film 4
SUS1PS707 Understanding Childhood 4
SUS1PS712 Psychology for India 4
SUS1PS32 Counselling Psychology 4
SUS1PS733 Organizational Behaviour (OB) 4
SUS1PS734 Dissertation 4
SUS1HS438 Introduction to Indian Art and Architecture 4
SUS1HS436 Contemporary India 1947-92 4
SUSHS433 Decolonization in History 4
SUS1HS403 Early India: Economy, Polity and Society 4
SUS1HS432 Introduction to Society and Culture in East Asia 4
SUS1HS437 Caste and Indian Modernity 4
SUS1HS402 Medieval and Early Modern World, c. 500 – 1700 CE 4
SUS1HS406 Medieval India- II (Economy and Society) 4
SUS1HS405 Modern World, 1750s-2010s 4
SUS1EN263 Folk, Oral, Indigenous, Popular Cultures 4
SUS1HS431 Understanding the Past: Myths, Epics, Chronicles and Histories 4
SUS1EN264 Issues of Gender in Indian Literary Texts 4
SUS1HS435 Wars and Revolutions in Twentieth Century 4
SUS1EN265 Modernism 4
SUS1EN266 Literary Translation in India: Process, Poetics and Politics 4
SUS1EN269 Retellings of Ramayana 4
SUS1EN272 Modern World Drama 4
SUS1FC031 English Proficiency Course (EPC) 4
SUSFC033 Youth, Society and Literature 4
NA Course Outline BA- English 96
SUS1EN279 Literary Translation in Contemporary India 4
SUS1EC107 Mathematical Methods for Economics 4
SUS1SC813 Religion and Society 4
SUS1EL919 Introduction to dance movement analysis 4
SUS4HN334 Sahitya ki Samajh 4
SUS1EN232 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Forms 4
SUS1EN259 Nineteenth Cetury Poetry 4
SUS1EL902 Introduction to Human Ecology 4