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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSUS1HN3314

Course Co-ordinator: Gopalji Pradhan, gopalji[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Type of Course: This is elective course offered in 1st semester for BA Programme.

Course Description: This course is intended to familiarise learners with the development of Hindi literature alongwith the social-poletical reasons which has caused the changes effecting it’s different epochs. History of Hindi literature is taught primarily through class lectures. This course covers the journey of Hindi literature during past thousand years by well established division of it in four periods namely Adi Kal, Bhakti Kal, Riti Kal and Adhunik Kal.

Assessment Pattern:

One take-home assignments 30%

Class Presentation 30%

End Semester Exam 40%

Suggested Readings:

Hindi Sahitya ka Sankshipt Itihas (Vishvnath Tripathi)

Hindi sahitya: Udbhav aur Vikas (Hajari Prasad Dwivedi)

Hindi Sahitya ka Subodh Itihas (Babu Gulab Rai)