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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation ElectiveSUS1EN2364

Semester and Year Offered: Winter Semester 2019

Course Coordinator and Team: TBD

Email of course coordinator:TBD

Pre-requisites:Interest in and awareness of English literature and some familiarity with the life and times of Shakespeare

Aim: The study of Shakespeare’s plays is important for any student of both European and non-European drama because many later dramatists have built upon, appropriated, subverted and adapted both his plays and dramatic forms. This course will familiarize students with the political and cultural context in which Shakespeare wrote. It will explore the subtle ways in which his representative plays engage with not just the dominant beliefs but also the anxieties and fears of his age. The course will also look at the reception of Shakespearean drama through the subsequent ages including late twentieth and early twenty first centuries both through critical literature and to a limited extent through the adaptations.

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

The course is divided into five short modules. Three texts will be taken up for detailed study in class. Other plays of Shakespeare will be discussed during class presentations.

Module 1

Introduction to Shakespeare’s life and times and the ensuing debates in Early Modern England

Module 2


Module 3

Julius Caesar

Module 4

The Merchant of Venice

Module 5

Shakespeare in our time

Othello, (film) dir. Orson Welles

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Tentative Assessment schedule with details of weightage:

S.NoAssessmentDate period in which Assessment will take place
1.Take home assignmentTake home assignment10%
2.Mid Semester ExamAs per AUD Academic Calendar30%
3.End Semester ExamAs per AUD Academic Calendar30%
4.Class presentationFirst week of April20%
5.Class Participation and
Throughout the semester10%