OPENVPN Connect Manual

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  1. Login to with your university username (in this case username is your Enrollment No.) and password.
  2. After Login there will be a link download configuration file.  Please download the configuration file depending to your device OS.
  3. This should be an .ovpn file with your username at the end. Please save this file in your device.
  4. Now Download the OPENvpn Connect app from depending on you device OS and install it.
  5. Once you open the app, please go to "File" icon at the top right corner
  6. Import the .ovpn file we have downloaded earlier.
  7. Click import
  8. Provide your username  (in this case username is your Enrollment No.)
  9. Click ADD
  10. Connect OpenVPN Profile by sliding the ON/OFF icon
  11. Provide your password.
  12. To check the connectivity, you may open or, they will be logged in via AUD.